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01/15/12 - Brett and I visit a snow covered Niagara Falls and goof off at Clifton Hill

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id: 35998
Aw booo! Apparently in the winter they don't let you stand right next to the falls. Too dangerous
id: 35999
The American Falls look beautiful in the winter!
id: 36000
Though the water looks very cold
id: 36001
Brett's requisite "I'm at Niagara Falls" photo
id: 36002
And my photo for the day!
id: 36003
This thing was completely covered in ice. Some kid tried to put a quarter in it without much luck
id: 36004
Cold water
id: 36005
Other photographers thought it looked pretty neat
id: 36006
This was as close as we could get to the Horseshoe falls. We didn't bother with the cheesey tourist photo this time
id: 36007
The permanent cloud of ice crystals coming off the falls is pretty awesome
id: 36008
Free salvia AND Cuban cigars? What doesn't this place have??
id: 36009
I think Jamal should've spent five minutes spellchecking his sign..
id: 36010
The falls again.. seen from the Canadian side!
id: 36011
Yikes, no wonder they don't let you down there
id: 36012
The Horseshoe Falls were largely obscured behind the seemingly permanent plume of water vapor
id: 36013
Everything was coated in ice
id: 36014
Brett with the falls.. in Canada!
id: 36015
Prett loves his burglar hat
id: 36016
I want to find a coin operated MICROscope someday
id: 36017
Brett was a fan of the glow in the dark astronaut at the minigolf place. I crushed him 44 to 54!
id: 36018
We stopped at Dave and Busters for food and various stupid games
id: 36019
Shoot those things!
id: 36020
So many flashing lights
id: 36021
I wasted a couple of bucks on this stupid thing
id: 36022
It's just so shiny
id: 36023
Brett defended the skies of WWII era London from the Luftwaffe
id: 36024
Most of these games are just black holes for tokens
id: 36025
Stewie looks pretty alarmed to be in this position
id: 36026
Hey a mirror!
id: 36027
I love skiball. I spent a bunch of my tokens on that
id: 36028
So many tokens
id: 36029
Buzzards that really buzz?
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