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01/28/12 - A "fancy dinner party" at Steve's house! It didn't stay fancy for long..

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id: 36061
Steve's all spiffed up for the fancy dinner party
id: 36062
Dustin too
id: 36063
Tom even has a tie clip
id: 36064
Our hosts, Megan and Steve!
id: 36065
The party is underway!
id: 36066
Steve's having a good time
id: 36067
Phil telling stories in the corner
id: 36068
I thought the table extension strategy was pretty funny
id: 36069
Long table!
id: 36070
Phil claimed the one seat in the next room
id: 36071
The disco ball was still in place from a previous party
id: 36072
What's that look for, Dustin?
id: 36073
The dinner part of the dinner party!
id: 36074
Great food was had by all
id: 36075
The lights around the liquor cabinet make me laugh because it's almost like a little shrine
id: 36076
What is Megan reacting to? Probably something offensive Dustin said
id: 36077
Tom taught Phil and I some interesting things about cancer treatment
id: 36078
Phil looks like he's telling some kind of story
id: 36079
Now that dinner is over, it's time for games!
id: 36080
Oh, apparently it's time for gangsigns.
id: 36081
Mmmm, fancy cocktails
id: 36082
Dave and Dustin
id: 36083
In this game, people guess who wrote what, so it's advantageous to write things uncharacteristic of yoruself. Hence...
id: 36084
8ball. Who the hell writes that??
id: 36085
Megan was having fun
id: 36086
What the hell is going on here
id: 36087
Dustin's creepiest ever face
id: 36088
Tom likes funny things
id: 36089
I sat next to Christina
id: 36090
Steve reacting to completely ridiculous sentences in the game
id: 36091
Amy is also wondering what's up with Tom's face
id: 36092
An "old fashioned"!
id: 36093
Steve at the head of the table
id: 36094
The champagne of beers!
id: 36095
Our numbers are dwindling!
id: 36096
Some of the artwork coming out of Telestrations, or as we know it, Out of Context
id: 36097
"Who drew this??"
id: 36098
Everyone couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculous illustrations
id: 36099
I think this was my favorite of the night
id: 36100
Megan and Steve reacting to something completely outrageous and offensive
id: 36101
So much for "fancy"
id: 36102
Dave has really gone downhill
id: 36103
And here we are at the inevitable conclusion of the night
id: 36104
Steve and Megan!
id: 36105
He's just changing music on the iPod, but it looks ridiculous
id: 36106
It was a good night.
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