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02/04/12 - Building a model rocket! Pretty simple stuff, but fun!

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id: 36113
Time to make a rocket.. out of that.
id: 36114
Instructions ready
id: 36115
Neil tried to remember what he learned about rockets.. which isn't much
id: 36116
The firing device
id: 36117
Buzz is ridiculous
id: 36118
Why is he sitting like this??
id: 36119
First step.. glue these parts together
id: 36120
id: 36121
Prepping the nosecone for painting
id: 36122
Time for a little nighttime spray painting
id: 36123
In the meantime, I've glued the base into the cardboard tube and am letting it dry
id: 36124
Painting the fins. If I were doing this properly I would've used a primer first so it didn't look like crap.
id: 36125
This is how I painted the nosecone without getting (much) paint on the porch
id: 36126
id: 36127
A lot of paint just went flying away on the wind
id: 36128
Holding the two halfs together
id: 36129
In the morning, this is what the nose cone and fins looked like. Not great, but not bad!
id: 36130
If you look carefully you can see where the paint missed the cardboard.. oops.
id: 36131
The fins are now in place!
id: 36132
Looks like a rocket to me!
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