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02/04/12 - I head down to Spaceport Eden to fire off some model rockets!

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id: 36133
Darin from Synacor brought his kids. Eric isn't one of his kids.
id: 36134
We thought the kids would love riding in the Rhino but for some reason it really freaked them out
id: 36135
And off they go! To the launch field!
id: 36136
Eric driving the Rhino
id: 36137
Here we are at Spaceport Eden. Otherwise known as the field across from the Scheribers' house
id: 36138
Getting the first rocket in place
id: 36139
Everyone looking for the rocket (and trying to catch it!)
id: 36140
Eric did some quick math to estimate the altitude we got out of the rocket
id: 36141
An itty bitty rocket ready to go
id: 36142
Darin waiting for the next launch
id: 36143
The little rocket was super fast and flew out of the camera frame before I even realized it had launched!
id: 36144
My pre-made rocket worked perfectly!
id: 36145
There it is!
id: 36146
Looks like the parachute deployed!
id: 36147
Eric ran after it and successfully caught it
id: 36148
Modifying the Amazon rocket to make the engine fit properly
id: 36149
And away it goes! This monster was quite a bit slower but was still fun
id: 36150
Bradley runs after the Amazon rocket
id: 36151
Catch it!
id: 36152
On this launch the red and silver rocket took off at a sort of strange angle. This was partially on purpose (to counteract wind) but I think we overdid it..
id: 36153
Now this looks like a bad idea....
id: 36154
And indeed it was! I made sure I was behind the Rhino during this launch..
id: 36155
The Amazon coming down after a successful parachute deployment. You can see the (biodegradable!) wadding falling above it
id: 36156
id: 36157
And a picture of the day. I figured my space Brony shirt would be appropriate for today's activities!
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