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04/16/12 - I ran into some skaters near the Marina who let me shoot their skating

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id: 36308
Mind the gap
id: 36309
id: 36310
Will he stick the landing?
id: 36311
This guy did lots of crazy flailing with his limbs while in the air
id: 36312
id: 36313
I hope that board turns back around..
id: 36314
Flying over Buffalo
id: 36315
They landed most of their jumps
id: 36316
His headphone flew off!
id: 36317
I love the tower in the background
id: 36318
Stomping the back of the board to get some air
id: 36319
Spiffy socks
id: 36320
Lining up a jump
id: 36321
Away he goes
id: 36322
This was a pretty serious drop
id: 36323
Botched landing
id: 36324
So high!
id: 36325
It looks like they're landing on grass, but there's pavement in the foreground
id: 36326
Landed it!
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