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04/20/12 - Steve and Phil attempt to assemble a gas grill

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id: 36327
Steve built this giant lego thing Megan got him for his birthday
id: 36328
I got him the lego alien, which is now fighting gorilla homer
id: 36329
"Just pick it up!"
id: 36330
Oh, maybe not
id: 36331
There's a whole lot of stuff in here
id: 36332
This chair is now a slingshot
id: 36333
Moving the top of the grill
id: 36334
Megan is skeptical
id: 36335
Phil is in love with his hammock
id: 36336
Megan served as an easal
id: 36337
Screwing in part 1 for the first of five times (directions are hard)
id: 36338
I don't think we used any of these tools
id: 36339
Steve practices his walker technique
id: 36340
Consulting the directions
id: 36341
"Did we mess up step one again??"
id: 36342
"Did we put this piece in backwards?"
id: 36343
Le Grille?? What the hell does that mean?
id: 36344
Screwing in pieces
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