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04/30/12 - I attend an Arduino meetup at the BuffaloLab hackerspace

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id: 36350
Not a bad turnout!
id: 36351
Hi there
id: 36352
Cmac gets his Arduino working with his laptop
id: 36353
Other attendees
id: 36354
Cmac's Arduino setup
id: 36355
This other guy had a more complex setup
id: 36356
Joe, the guy running the show
id: 36357
We took turns explaining what we want to get out of the course
id: 36358
This guy was recording video or something
id: 36359
id: 36360
id: 36361
I'm pretty sure this thing is twice as old as Shawn
id: 36362
I think I have that same model of seven segment display
id: 36363
Lots of little springs
id: 36364
Showing off the "gameduino"
id: 36365
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