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05/06/12 - I head out to Frontier Skydiving to watch some people jump out of airplanes!

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id: 36366
Windsocks are useful for soft landings
id: 36367
I get it
id: 36368
Look! Skydivers! I've never actually seen jumps in person
id: 36369
Floating down on a full canopy
id: 36370
The instructor landed first by spinning around and losing altitude
id: 36371
He made a perfect landing. Made it look easy
id: 36372
Time to collect the parachute
id: 36373
Heading back to the main building
id: 36374
I thought it was funny that since the camera was mounted to a helmet, they had to hold the whole helmet to take any pictures
id: 36375
A tandem jumper comes in for a landing
id: 36376
Turning around
id: 36377
Aaaand land on your butt!
id: 36378
Red Canopy Guy has gathered his chute
id: 36379
Time for the next load to go up!
id: 36380
Checking a tandem jumper's harness
id: 36381
Everyone get on board!
id: 36382
The tandem jumper and his instructor have collected their various lines
id: 36383
id: 36384
The jump is underway!
id: 36385
You can see the drogue chute slowing and stabilizing the tandem jumpers
id: 36386
Chute deployment!
id: 36387
Let's see those canopies
id: 36388
Flying around
id: 36389
The tandem guys have a colorful canopy
id: 36390
Losing altitude by turning rapidly
id: 36391
Almost there
id: 36392
Turning into the wind
id: 36393
Final approach
id: 36394
Perfect landing!
id: 36395
I can't wait to try this myself
id: 36396
My favorite photo of the shoot
id: 36397
The parachute doesn't even look that big
id: 36398
Below the tree line!
id: 36399
Green Canopy comes in for a landing
id: 36400
The tandem guys have been floating around for a while
id: 36401
Collecting his canopy
id: 36402
Final turn
id: 36403
Legs up!
id: 36404
id: 36405
That tandem chute is really huge
id: 36406
Meeting the jumpers in the field
id: 36407
Jumpers in freefall!
id: 36408
For these last few, I switched to the 50mm. The difference in quality is obvious
id: 36409
Lining up with the wind
id: 36410
They make it look so easy
id: 36411
A walk in the park, even
id: 36412
Running out to meet the jumpers after another successful landing
id: 36413
It isn't exactly a large operation
id: 36414
It looks like the jumper is actively kneeing this poor guy in the face
id: 36415
I took a peek at the repacking room
id: 36416
They seemed surprised I was interested
id: 36417
Double check!
id: 36418
Ready for another jump
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