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05/19/12 - Going to a Bison's game with Steve and some friends

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id: 36462
Gotta have beer, otherwise baseball is boring
id: 36463
Hey look, baseball
id: 36464
Conehead guy sold beer
id: 36465
A hit!
id: 36466
Run run run!
id: 36467
A creepy bisons mascot
id: 36468
Who needs beer? Everyone.
id: 36469
Don't watch it, go!
id: 36470
id: 36471
His leg goes flying
id: 36472
Ready for the pitch
id: 36473
id: 36474
Will he steal second?
id: 36475
End of the inning
id: 36476
Back to your base!
id: 36477
An even creepier bisons mascot
id: 36478
Camera guy has some crazy eyes
id: 36479
Watching the game
id: 36480
The American pastime sure passes the time slowly..
id: 36481
This guy was ridiculous
id: 36482
The sleeveless Corona shirt really makes the look
id: 36483
Dustin drunkenly debated private spaceflight with me
id: 36484
This guy made me laugh.. he was taking flash photos of things that are far away with a kit lens
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