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05/22/12 - I go on a crazy trip to Florida to watch the SpaceX COTS2 demonstration flight!

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id: 36492
A rainbow over Buffalo airport. I took it as a good sign that the flight would actually happen and I'd actually make it
id: 36493
Sunset above the clouds
id: 36494
About an hour and a half until liftoff and we're on our way to the launchpad!
id: 36495
James waits on the wall mere feet from where we witnessed Space Shuttle Endeavour's final flight almost exactly a year ago.
id: 36496
This was the best photo I could get of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle itself. The cloud coming off is excess oxygen gas
id: 36497
The VAB stands tall with the Falcon 9 in the background (you'll have to really look hard to find it)
id: 36498
The Falcon 9 had a flawless liftoff and sent the Dragon spacecraft on its way to the International Space Station and a date with history.
id: 36499
The same image after a little bit of post processing. I got very lucky that this shot came out as well as it did.
id: 36500
The whole experience had a dreamlike quality to it
id: 36501
Well, I'm in the south (sort of) so we had to hit Waffle House
id: 36502
James loves Waffle House
id: 36503
I completely forgot to take a picture of me on the bridge, so this will have to do
id: 36504
News coverage of the launch in the airpot
id: 36505
After a whirlwind trip and not even six hours in Florida, I'm heading back to Buffalo! What an adventure!!
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