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07/04/12 - Minigolf with Dad!

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id: 36544
It's the fourth of July! Which means we need to set off some fireworks!
id: 36545
Firecracker time
id: 36546
Dad talks about the pidgeons he keeps shooting BBs at..
id: 36547
"I'm not crazy"
id: 36548
Stand back!
id: 36549
Dad's super stuffed basement
id: 36550
Ready for minigolf!
id: 36551
The tiger looks concerned
id: 36552
Dad was in charge of the score
id: 36553
Gotta love the Orange Dinosaur minigolf place
id: 36554
Line up the shot!
id: 36555
This is a somewhat disturbing photo..
id: 36556
Will it go in?
id: 36557
It didn't
id: 36558
This is a pretty bogus setup for a shot
id: 36559
That's not how you minigolf!
id: 36560
Dad got a bogus hole in one here and pulled into the lead!
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