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07/06/12 - Traveling to Albany with Vic to attend McKeed's wedding!

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id: 36571
I got some great views of Boston frmo the air
id: 36572
I bet I could see Becky's apartment from here
id: 36573
id: 36574
The Prudential and John Hancock towers!
id: 36575
This one looks like I'm in space or something
id: 36576
Video?? Vic, follow that truck!
id: 36577
What an awkward logo..
id: 36578
Eyes on the road, Vic
id: 36579
What a lovely view from our hotel room window
id: 36580
Vic hacked the TV by looking up the hex codes to access the service menu. He's a TV wizard
id: 36581
"What? Don't you travel with a programmable TV remote?"
id: 36582
And what did we do with our hacked TV? Watch ponies, of course.
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