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07/07/12 - Mckeed and Joanna get married! I attended with Vic, Mike, and Meri!

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id: 36583
What the hell is that face? Also, note the pony pin
id: 36584
This is me dressed up. I hates it
id: 36585
It's Mckeed!
id: 36586
We said hi and then let him get back to official wedding duties
id: 36587
I said to Mike "OK, now make that stupid face you always make" but that made him laugh and he couldn't do it
id: 36588
There it is
id: 36589
Here comes Joanna!
id: 36590
Mckeed with his best man
id: 36591
The ceremony continues..
id: 36592
The vows are being said
id: 36593
And the kiss!
id: 36594
Something about a candle..
id: 36595
And here they come, the happily married couple
id: 36596
Congrats, guys!
id: 36597
This woman turned around, gave us a stink eye, and turn turned her monstrous camera right at us and took a picture and turned around again. We nicknamed her Ursula
id: 36598
Meri approves of the open bar
id: 36599
Due to the way his jacket spread out, Vic looks ENORMOUS
id: 36600
Joanna came and said hi on her way to the reception hall
id: 36601
The AMV crew got our own funny table
id: 36602
First dance! Alternate caption: "Soon.."
id: 36603
Vic said there are no good pictures of him. I tried to take one but he made it difficult
id: 36604
Toasting fire shots
id: 36605
Mike smiles at the accidental panorama I made
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