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07/20/12 - Dance party at Steve's house!

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id: 36866
The dancing has begun!
id: 36867
Everybody dance!
id: 36868
Steve is dancing
id: 36869
Tom is dancing
id: 36870
The lights on the wall are dancing
id: 36871
Technically, the glowsticks make it a rave
id: 36872
The mandatory mirror ball
id: 36873
I think this thing was powering the house
id: 36874
Dustin is the most ready to dance
id: 36875
Keeping the dance floor alive
id: 36876
"Are you going to come dance??"
id: 36877
Some up close and personal dancing!
id: 36878
Everyone get to the center!
id: 36879
Megan's all about dance parties
id: 36880
Dimming the lights
id: 36881
Action shot!
id: 36882
Holy crap, lasers!!
id: 36883
id: 36884
Mirror ball laser eclipse. Never thought I'd have a reason to type that
id: 36885
The lasers only electrified the dance floor
id: 36886
Oh jeez
id: 36887
It's like they're flying into your brain!
id: 36888
Hey! It's targeting my camera!
id: 36889
Dustin shows us how to dance
id: 36890
id: 36891
She's wearing the power source!
id: 36892
"No pictures when I am not DANCING"
id: 36893
id: 36894
And since I'm me, I ended the night (the 43rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing) by watching DVDs of old NASA missions! Obviously!
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