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07/30/12 - Otakon 2012! The AMV department was busy this year but we had a great time!

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id: 36613
I found this sign in the airport
id: 36614
Hey it's Rick from Anime Boston!
id: 36615
Wow, an actually interesting view from my hotel window
id: 36616
Ready to hit the BCC and pick up my staff badge
id: 36617
id: 36618
The pre-reg line is already pretty long
id: 36619
My first cosplayer sighting
id: 36620
This guy probably knows where he's going
id: 36621
Hey it's that guy I am!
id: 36622
Waiting to pick up my staff badge
id: 36623
Video 1 looks beautiful this year! I can't wait to see the contest up on the 16:9 screen
id: 36624
I love seeing the BCC empty like this. It's so eerie
id: 36625
Where are all the attendees?
id: 36626
Ah here they are, registration!
id: 36627
From what I could see the line was moving pretty well.. but I wasn't waiting in it
id: 36628
It's Ice Cold Water Man!
id: 36629
I had to get a picture with him. Of course, I bought an ice cold water
id: 36630
I've been spotted!
id: 36631
This guy seemed really into his job
id: 36632
Lots of attendees milling about the front of the BCC
id: 36633
Meanwhile, a baseball game is letting out only a block away! A lot of baseball fans were confused by the cosplayers
id: 36634
It's Vic!
id: 36635
And Amanda!
id: 36636
Someone was playing video games on the screen in Video 1
id: 36637
Amanda's ready to kick this weekend off
id: 36638
Planning how we're going to load our gear into the BCC
id: 36639
The loading docks are pretty busy
id: 36640
We talked to Craig, one of the DSL guys Vic knows about what we can expect for a setup in Video 1
id: 36641
Standing around the loading docks
id: 36642
The coveted SDCC Derpy figure!
id: 36643
A few of these time lapse infrared cameras were installed in video rooms in an attempt to estimate attendance. From what I hear, it wasn't very effective. Too dark.
id: 36644
We decided that if Con-Ops is Ponyville, then AMV Ops is Cloudsdale
id: 36645
AMV Victor!
id: 36646
Watching the Video 1 curtain go up
id: 36647
Vic and Amanda painted this on the side of Vic's van with soap
id: 36648
These guys were unloading huge arcade machines
id: 36649
I can't resist taking pictures of mirrors like this
id: 36650
A cloud indoors! This is where the air conditioned air met the outside, super humid air
id: 36651
Hall D, the concert. This was the last I saw of it
id: 36652
That's a lot of consoles
id: 36653
Alan and Amanda in Video 1
id: 36654
They flew the center channel behind the screen.
id: 36655
One of those funny infrared cameras
id: 36656
Craig helps Vic get hooked into DSL's gear
id: 36657
Working to get the scaling correct
id: 36658
"Hey Vic, point that light at me for a second"
id: 36659
The video server in all its glory
id: 36660
Time to head back to the hotel for the night. Our first showing starts tomorrow at 10am!
id: 36661
The Hilton staff were wearing Otakon pins
id: 36662
We pushed my cot in between the two normal beds to make a MEGA BED
id: 36663
Master Shake!
id: 36664
An Aquabats cosplayer! That's a first
id: 36665
A great Twilight Spakle and Spike cosplay duo
id: 36666
Jeff is in the swing of things in Pub Ops
id: 36667
Don't eat Crabby!
id: 36668
F da po-lice
id: 36669
Pub Ops dynamic duo
id: 36670
That's not how microphones work, Jeff!
id: 36671
Who doesn't?
id: 36672
Jeff, international man of Macintosh
id: 36673
id: 36674
April O'Neil was interviewing people
id: 36675
Don't trip on the cables behind the screen in Video 1!
id: 36676
I don't know what the hell is up with these horse heads, but they are creepy and I saw a lot of them
id: 36677
id: 36678
OH-TA-KON, yepyepyepyep
id: 36679
Excellent Twilight Sparkle cosplay!
id: 36680
Shouldn't this guy be at CERN?
id: 36681
Ack! More creepy horse head people! The business suits make it way creepier
id: 36682
Sniper and sniper?
id: 36683
An amazing Angelic Layer cosplay troupe! I haven't seen an Angelic Layer cosplayer in a while
id: 36684
But who's inside??
id: 36685
We never figured out what this line was for
id: 36686
This year, just for fun, we customized all the ballot counters with pony art
id: 36687
Of course, mine had Trixie. The Great and Powerful Trixie cares not for ballot counting
id: 36688
I love the Derpy artwork. She wants to eat that cloud so bad!
id: 36689
Long exposures with the light wands? More on this later
id: 36690
Joy picked up some Panty and Stocking figures
id: 36691
id: 36692
Shin, the man who finally dethroned Chris as the Iron Editor
id: 36693
Chris! I liked his video better, but I'm not a judge. He had a good run!
id: 36694
What the hell is going on here??
id: 36695
We didn't have a real sign, so I made one
id: 36696
Quail Man!
id: 36697
A far too detailed and far too close up photo of Jefferson
id: 36698
Amanda got me some dark blue pony ears to replace the light blue ones I had been wearing.
id: 36699
Joy got some white ones for her Rarity cosplay. It's tough to see, but she actually dyed her hair purple as well.
id: 36700
And Amanda got some pink pony ears for her Pinkie Pie cosplay
id: 36701
I gave Amanda $20 to spend on "something I'd like" in the Dealer's Room. She did good!
id: 36702
The Vic walks alone?
id: 36703
An amazing Tali cosplay. The omni-tool is incredible!
id: 36704
This figure that Vic bought is the most anime thing I've seen all day
id: 36705
Alan loves juice boxes!
id: 36706
The Otakon 2012 AMV Department!
id: 36707
Haha, this is apparently Vic's impression of a creepy anime fan
id: 36708
Amanda's starting to lose energy
id: 36709
Finding creator badges
id: 36710
The only Shining Armor cosplay I saw all weekend
id: 36711
So many Portal cosplayers!
id: 36712
This one even had a potato!
id: 36713
All the Chell cosplayers
id: 36714
So many portal guns!
id: 36715
An incredible, and very creepy, Elfen Lied cosplay
id: 36716
id: 36717
Vic busts out his mind controlled robotic ears
id: 36718
This guy had a great costume but was kind of a jerk. He lead me to my theory that Heath Ledger didn't die, but just stayed in character and escaped
id: 36719
Various superheroes
id: 36720
Frantically setting up the AMV seating system while the previous show in Video 1 wraps up
id: 36721
There's a lot of people waiting to get in
id: 36722
Follow the blue light! Follow the red light!
id: 36723
We packed Video 1 solid! A great showing
id: 36724
This is how everyone was feeling after making it through the first showing of the AMV Contest
id: 36725
Let the counting begin!
id: 36726
So much couting to do
id: 36727
Someone voted for Jeff's intro as best in show again! That means we can use it again!
id: 36728
Count count count
id: 36729
Ack, more ballots??
id: 36730
So many ballots!
id: 36731
Joy put on her horn to match her ears
id: 36732
An incredible female Shepard cosplay! The detail on the armor up close was amazing
id: 36733
Before heading out for the day, Vic stuffed Pinkie Pie in bed with Amanda. She looks like she's asleep, but she took the time to tell us off before we left
id: 36734
Hipster Chell??
id: 36735
Green tentacle monster?
id: 36736
id: 36737
I found myself on the wrong end of a megablaster!
id: 36738
Dr. Weird! GENTLEMEN!!
id: 36739
Oh no! Someone help this poor bender!
id: 36740
I love the look on Vic's face
id: 36741
Vic creepily takes a picture of Brakus through the curtain
id: 36742
Working the board in Video 1
id: 36743
Keeping an eye on the volume levels
id: 36744
There was a nonstop dance party in the lobby outside Video 1
id: 36745
id: 36746
One of those weird advertisement-laden superheroes from Tiger and Bunny
id: 36747
I'm not sure what this is, but I'm guessing it's some kind of Pokemon
id: 36748
Vic has his camera on? He must actually have a moment of free time
id: 36749
Trip to the hospital in three.. two....
id: 36750
"Why can't I hold all these ballots?"
id: 36751
Well hello..
id: 36752
Hell yeah!
id: 36753
I found a DayZ survivor! I made sure to say I was friendly so I didn't risk getting shot in the head
id: 36754
id: 36755
Orihime and Ulquiorra from Bleach
id: 36756
Harley Quinn with a tiny Joker
id: 36757
I decided to interpret this as a vote for next year's 14th video, since we only had 37 videos this year
id: 36758
Taking away video-bending?
id: 36759
One of our dedicated gophers counts like there's no tomorrow
id: 36760
Our counting gopher team, plus Jefferson
id: 36761
This gopher jumped for joy that we finished so far ahead of schedule
id: 36762
id: 36763
It looks like he fell from the upper level, but he's just breakdancing
id: 36764
Shin edits in Iron Editor
id: 36765
Vic with the Iron Editor mascots. This photo was Amanda's idea
id: 36766
Since Omar and Jeff are the only ones who see the Guidebook feedback, they spent all weekend trolling each other
id: 36767
This guy's Data cosplay was great. He stayed in character the whole time
id: 36768
Another "I don't know who this is but they were already posting" photos
id: 36769
A pretty clever costume!
id: 36770
Keep firing, assholes!
id: 36771
id: 36772
Iron Editor continues
id: 36773
Panel 1 was almost entirely full
id: 36774
Peter hosted again this year
id: 36775
Erika slipped in with a borrowed badge. I won't tell!
id: 36776
Look at all the people!
id: 36777
Chris puts the finishing touches on his video
id: 36778
Peter was handing out Gushers as consolation prizes to the people who lost the anime challenges
id: 36779
Error-chan and Render-chan
id: 36780
Lots of people were in line for Fan Parodies
id: 36781
This was supposed to be Amanda and Vic giving each other stinkeyes, but Amanda kept laughing
id: 36782
There we go.. sort of.
id: 36783
The Otakon president's scooter
id: 36784
Saturday is done, time to go get some food!
id: 36785
We met Erika at Hooters
id: 36786
Telling funny stories
id: 36787
Erika and Joy
id: 36788
Some prankster put a bunch of soap in the fountain!
id: 36789
And of course, people were playing with the foam
id: 36790
Memes have infiltrated Con-Ops!
id: 36791
id: 36792
The last AMV showing is done and the server is packed up. Time to hit the Dealer's Room!
id: 36793
Kyubey sees all
id: 36794
They had an actual stripper pole in the Dealer's room, with Panty and Stocking cosplayers dancing on it
id: 36795
This is Jessie, a friend of Amanda's and professional cosplayer
id: 36796
Great costume!
id: 36797
id: 36798
They also had a Stocking cosplayer
id: 36799
These guys were in a really intense Pokemon battle. That Team Rocket cosplayer looks like he could really be a Team Rocket thug
id: 36800
Peter Beagle, the author of The Last Unicorn was at the con signing books
id: 36801
I got a copy of the art book / comic for Beany, who is a huge Last Unicorn fan
id: 36802
Yeah... chances this is a girl? Low.
id: 36803
The book I got Beany!
id: 36804
The lure of a mind controlled device was too much and I finally broke down and got the Necomimi ears
id: 36805
Light graffiti?
id: 36806
Vic meditates in a pile of light
id: 36807
Dragonball style fighting!
id: 36808
Amanda and Joy square off in a battle for the fate of humanity.... or just for AMV Ops
id: 36809
All powerful Amanda!
id: 36810
Vic shows off his laser eyes. The real reason he wears those giant glasses is to keep his laser powers in check
id: 36811
Con feedback panel!
id: 36812
I finally noticed that Amanda's staff picture was one I took last year!
id: 36813
This guy was pretty funny. He wanted "Otakon: The DVD"
id: 36814
Waiting in the loading dock for Vic with the van
id: 36815
In the end, we got permission to wheel our stuff through the Hilton and just loaded up in the Hilton parking garage. Time to push all this across the entire BCC!
id: 36816
Can you tell Vic picked out this outfit for Amanda to wear to the Dead Dog?
id: 36817
The BCC!
id: 36818
id: 36819
This staffer was doing skateboard tricks all the way to the staff photo
id: 36820
Those boots definitely didn't help Amanda's feet
id: 36821
Amanda and Vic: boldly looking into the Otakon future
id: 36822
Yes, the ears are goofy, but they're fun and it's not like I'm wearing them to work! Cons only!
id: 36823
Staffers gathered around for the Otakon staff photo
id: 36824
Vic's enthusiastic waving caught Amanda off guard
id: 36825
Staffers everywhere!
id: 36826
Scott takes the staff photo
id: 36827
I ran out to get my own version of it, and ended up taking Scott's camera so he could be in the photo too
id: 36828
Announcing that the Dead Dog is at the Baltimore Aquarium!
id: 36829
Everyone, to the aquarium!
id: 36830
The crowd of Otakon staffers, many in costume, drew several strange looks
id: 36831
Vic can't wait to eat and drink
id: 36832
The nerds are coming!
id: 36833
Neat waterfall
id: 36834
Vic checks out the waterfall
id: 36835
Scott was waiting by the entrance to thank everyone for their contribution to Otakon
id: 36836
id: 36837
Exploring the aquarium
id: 36838
I loved the bubble tubes
id: 36839
id: 36840
id: 36841
Sting rays!
id: 36842
It's neat seeing how they swim
id: 36843
Omar and Liz check out the sunset
id: 36844
This guy really wanted to try out my robot ears
id: 36845
Omar looks at some of the photos he took over the weekend
id: 36846
Amanda's just happy to be off her feet
id: 36847
Jeff tries not to think about all the signs that still have to be packed up
id: 36848
That's not how you use forks!
id: 36849
Liz ia a genius! Since all the food was on the first floor, she smuggled a bunch to the top floor in these plate UFOs
id: 36850
We made our own buffet!
id: 36851
Liz had to try on the ears
id: 36852
Checking out how they look
id: 36853
Some staffers on one of the strange moving ramps
id: 36854
Big sting rays!
id: 36855
id: 36856
This room was a lot darker than it looks in this photo
id: 36857
The clearest picture I got of a fish the whole night
id: 36858
This guy makes dumb faces
id: 36859
id: 36860
Vic the fish?
id: 36861
A new album cover photo?
id: 36862
Amanda says the shark teeth were put in backwards
id: 36863
Amanda convinced me to watch her favorite movie, The Last Unicorn. It was "80s as shit" but pretty good!
id: 36864
Shuffling off to get sushi before heading out
id: 36865
Sushi! The perfect ending to an amazing weekend. See you next year, Baltimore!
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