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09/14/12 - Poker with Steve, Megan, Dustin, Tom, Tamara, Kevin.. the whole gang!

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id: 36895
That's right folks. It's time for gambling!
id: 36896
Kevin is ready
id: 36897
Tamara's going to win
id: 36898
Dustin's the pro
id: 36899
Will Steve's stack of chips get bigger or smaller?
id: 36900
Kevin's turn to deal
id: 36901
Megan was observing
id: 36902
Beer is important when gambling
id: 36903
id: 36904
Tom and Tamara!
id: 36905
Steve's pre-Bills beard is ridiculous
id: 36906
Dealing the cards to me!
id: 36907
Hmm.. what to do
id: 36908
Dustin is surprised
id: 36909
Will Tamara win?
id: 36910
id: 36911
Steve's not doing so great
id: 36912
Poker: first person view
id: 36913
Megan is getting bored. Maybe she should play!
id: 36914
Dustin takes poker very seriously
id: 36915
Look how many chips he has!
id: 36916
"Other Steve" pulls in his winnings
id: 36917
Kevin is shocked at the results
id: 36918
This is how you can tell Dustin knows what he's doing
id: 36919
Deep strategy going on here
id: 36920
Say cheese!
id: 36921
Who wears a tie to a poker game?
id: 36922
Megan kept imploring Steve to go all in. Not for strategic reasons, but so he would lose and she could go home
id: 36923
You can tell Dustin was sitting across from me because there are a lot of pictures of him
id: 36924
Megan can not believe Steve's luck
id: 36925
Endgame approaching? Drink more beer
id: 36926
Dustin seems confident
id: 36927
The pressure of the endgame weighs heavily on Steve. Megan is bored.
id: 36928
"Will you lose already?"
id: 36929
Steve won the game! Now he is king of the chips.
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