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11/05/12 - A tour of my new home away from home: Buffalo Lab

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id: 37173
Welcome to the Buffalo Lab!
id: 37174
There is ample room for working on projects
id: 37175
2D and 3D printers!
id: 37176
The shop area is also host to an enormous pile of old computers
id: 37177
The lounge area
id: 37178
The classroom area
id: 37179
The view from the other side of the classroom
id: 37180
Bins of various equipment
id: 37181
Electronics station
id: 37182
Lots of tubs of stuff
id: 37183
Paper mache?
id: 37184
For some reason we have several payphones
id: 37185
What's what I'm here to do!
id: 37186
My current adversary.. the old busted Makerbot
id: 37187
I love the exposed circuitry
id: 37188
Unfortunately, it's about as reliable as it looks
id: 37189
This device is actually operating the door's authentication system
id: 37190
One of the tubs on the shelves
id: 37191
Sign on the fridge
id: 37192
I'll pass, thanks
id: 37193
Weird old electronics
id: 37194
id: 37195
This probably shouldn't be out in the open
id: 37196
Plenty of soldering irons
id: 37197
Even an oscilloscope!
id: 37198
Electronics components
id: 37199
Well thank you!
id: 37200
I'm not sure what this is about
id: 37201
This made me laugh.. the two molecules are caffine and ethanol (the alcohol we normally think of when you use the word "alcohol")
id: 37202
A varied book collection
id: 37203
I see I'm not the only one who's used a Sparkfun cardboard box as a project enclosure
id: 37204
That's a lot of resistors
id: 37205
View from the back of the workspace
id: 37206
It's always a part at Buffalo Lab
id: 37207
Why IS it always 6:32 here?
id: 37208
Don't start any fires, Joe
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