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11/18/12 - Rippoween 2012! So many people showed up! Mini Clark reunion!

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id: 37339
Holy crap it's James!
id: 37340
Tony's costume was really creepy
id: 37341
James just busted out the same Indiana Jones costume he wore in 2007
id: 37342
"I'm not really a doctor, I just play one at parties"
id: 37343
Brett's costume required a rifle, which is funny since he threw out last year's rifle a few weeks ago
id: 37344
Shayna's fake ID
id: 37345
Holy crap, Mike is back from Japan!!
id: 37346
My costume was pretty low effort
id: 37347
Bryce formulates his medical opinion of his drink
id: 37348
Artifact hunter and.. garbage man?
id: 37349
It's great to have you back, Mike!
id: 37350
Shayna's awesome Leeloo costume
id: 37351
One of the creepiest pictures of Tony ever. Yes, that's Twilight Sparkle he's holding
id: 37352
Appa hit the candy bowl hard
id: 37353
All these nice drinks, and you're drinking a PBR??
id: 37354
Brett looks incredulous
id: 37355
I'm not sure what's up with this face
id: 37356
Meanwhile, in the living room
id: 37357
id: 37358
Bryce is really excited
id: 37359
id: 37360
Beany is ready to rock
id: 37361
Oh no! Creepums! Tony's creepy robotic dog
id: 37362
"Buh buh buh"
id: 37363
Derpy-James gives Tony some pizza advice
id: 37364
Photobombing jerks
id: 37365
id: 37366
The holy goblet
id: 37367
Brett and Ericka!
id: 37368
Tony's in pizza making mode
id: 37369
The Tony Stark chest pieces is important to this
id: 37370
Brett offers me a weird shot in a test tube
id: 37371
James is already combining other peoples' costumes into his own
id: 37372
Shayna's wig is so bright!
id: 37373
Funny joke
id: 37374
Mike dives into yet another photo
id: 37375
Group photo!
id: 37376
Goddamnit Mike
id: 37377
Beany's been hitting the test tube shots with Creepums
id: 37378
Leeloo Multidrink
id: 37379
Funny jokes on the couch
id: 37380
James thinks about whatever nonsense Bryce is spouting
id: 37381
Creepums is still hungry
id: 37382
Pose for the camera!
id: 37383
Brett's starting to get that drunk look on his face
id: 37384
Look out, Brett! A zombie!
id: 37385
Brett also confiscated the dip
id: 37386
Why is that drink so green?
id: 37387
Good times!
id: 37388
Christa and Shayna!
id: 37389
Creepums is making a move on Beany
id: 37390
Tony's latest masterpiece is ready
id: 37391
"This guy!"
id: 37392
Appa takes the spotlight from Steph
id: 37393
Appa is so huge!
id: 37394
What the hell is Mike doing?
id: 37395
Bryce is weighed down by all the responsibilities of a party doctor
id: 37396
Oh jeez. Emily has the pony ears.
id: 37397
Party pony?
id: 37398
James acquires yet another costume piece
id: 37399
Bryce joins in the dancing
id: 37400
"I'm dancin', I'm dancin'!"
id: 37401
Oh boy is he
id: 37402
Brett you're doing it wrong
id: 37403
"What do you mean??"
id: 37404
Hey, can you blame him?
id: 37405
I caught Mike in Beany's Hello Kitty ears
id: 37406
"I'm not really a doctor.... I just play one at parties!!" yes Bryce, we know. You already said that
id: 37407
Changing the music
id: 37408
Now that is a flattering photo
id: 37409
Pose for the camera!
id: 37410
Tony with his cobweb wig. Cobwig.
id: 37411
Oh no, Tony, run!
id: 37412
James is combining costumes!!
id: 37413
id: 37414
Hello Dr. Kitty
id: 37415
What.. the hell is going on here
id: 37416
Mike thinks he's sneaky
id: 37417
What is everyone looking at?
id: 37418
Wonder Woman!
id: 37419
James looks so tall!
id: 37420
Bryce with his famous grimace
id: 37421
Hi Beany!
id: 37422
"No photos"
id: 37423
This is serious business!
id: 37424
Where did that hat come from?
id: 37425
Emily looks so disheveled!
id: 37426
I don't want Creepums!
id: 37427
Me and Beany are gangstas
id: 37428
Brett's turn with the hat
id: 37429
I'm not sure what they're laughing at here
id: 37430
Beany's crazy face
id: 37431
I walked in on a weird extended group hug
id: 37432
Brett is really diggin the group hug
id: 37433
Bryce and Mike were also sort of alarmed
id: 37434
Mike tried to land the hat on my head while Bryce filmed it
id: 37435
Brett's costume is getting weirder and weirder
id: 37436
#1 party!
id: 37437
id: 37438
id: 37439
Ahhh, recovery breakfast the next day
id: 37440
We could sure use it
id: 37441
I think Bryce needs some coffee
id: 37442
We had breakfast and Emily and James' place
id: 37443
I'm not sure what's going on here but I don't think Shayna is a fan
id: 37444
James still knows how to solve the Rubik's Cube!
id: 37445
I was impressed
id: 37446
Looking over the paper plates that Bryce and James used for their Wheeled Warriors intro
id: 37447
Plate two
id: 37448
Plate three!
id: 37449
The lightning league!
id: 37450
id: 37451
Mike is one with the cobwebs
id: 37452
Now James is armed
id: 37453
Trying to shoot stuff out of the moving cobwebs
id: 37454
He hit it!
id: 37455
Mike cocoons Creepums into the cobwebs like one of the xenomorphs
id: 37456
They couldn't quite support his web
id: 37457
Creepums emerges from the cobwebs... gross.
id: 37458
Pinball at Uncle Sam's!
id: 37459
Brett loves Uncle Sam's
id: 37460
I wasn't very good at pinball
id: 37461
Beany's never been to Uncle Sam's!
id: 37462
Maybe not that excited
id: 37463
And that was Rippoween 2012!
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