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11/29/12 - Synacor goes bowling!

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id: 37464
How does this thing work?
id: 37465
Everybody figure it out
id: 37466
Shawn's shirt has a Carl Sagan bowling ball on it
id: 37467
I took the red one
id: 37468
Fancy shoes
id: 37469
I'm pretty sure I saw one of these machines in Fallout 3
id: 37470
If only it was Atomic Bowling!
id: 37471
Karan tries to decode the score machine
id: 37472
Corey and Nan, the new guys on the Synapps team
id: 37473
I like how this sign was necessary
id: 37474
Bowling time!
id: 37475
Steve needs to adjust his goofy shoes
id: 37476
id: 37477
CMac rolls the ball
id: 37478
"How about that?"
id: 37479
Karan and Guru
id: 37480
Don't let go!
id: 37481
A crucial part of any bowling experience
id: 37482
Action shot
id: 37483
Nan seemed to know what he was doing
id: 37484
Shawn isn't even bowling, this is just how he walks
id: 37485
And away it goes
id: 37486
Dustin's feeling pretty good about his strike
id: 37487
Gathering around the score terminal
id: 37488
Dustin's pretty excited
id: 37489
Good roll, Phil?
id: 37490
Steve bowls with his left hand like a freak. A left handed freak.
id: 37491
What's over there, Nan?
id: 37492
id: 37493
I'll be impressed if you can pull this off..
id: 37494
Look at that face! Such concentration
id: 37495
He looks like he's about to shot put it
id: 37496
Good times at the bowling alley
id: 37497
Nan gets in the zone
id: 37498
"You're the only one who understands me, bowling ball"
id: 37499
CMac is still sporting his mustache from the contest
id: 37500
id: 37501
Aaaand right into the gutter.
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