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01/01/13 - Alancon 2013! Nothing goes better with cheesesteaks than Kinect, right?

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id: 37537
Alan made us go to a nice Mexican restaurant. Most of are used to... less classy places
id: 37538
Alan thinks he's cool with his reading light
id: 37539
Vic doesn't know what to get, all the things on the menu are weird
id: 37540
Hi Liz!
id: 37541
We look like we're trick or treating
id: 37542
Amanda helps Vic fix Bryce's busted PC
id: 37543
Panda tech support
id: 37544
If you look at Omar's screen you can see him playing Kerbal Space Program. He finally had a successful moon mission later in the day!
id: 37545
Bryce hitting the punch
id: 37546
Comfy couch
id: 37547
Jefferson spent most of the weekend reading forums
id: 37548
Dancing time!
id: 37549
Crazy dancing moves
id: 37550
Kinect is great for making people make goofy poses
id: 37551
Vic looks into the future
id: 37552
Mckeed had a good weekend
id: 37553
Our first time at Sonic?
id: 37554
What's wrong, Vic?
id: 37555
Amanda's been to Sonic
id: 37556
It was a weird place. Good New Years!
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