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02/03/13 - Super Bowl! I bet that the Super Bowl would be canceled.. and the power went out! So close!

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id: 37668
Over at Steve and Megan's for the Super Bowl!
id: 37669
Chairs were at a premium
id: 37670
Dustin is pretty confident about his bets
id: 37671
id: 37672
I'm not sure that's a wine glass holder
id: 37673
Power outage!!! I bet Steve that the Super Bowl would be canceled and if I won I'd get two weeks off work. Come on!!
id: 37674
Waiting for the Super Bowl power to come back on
id: 37675
Dustin can't handle the tension
id: 37676
Steve can't believe I even made it this far
id: 37677
Meanwhile, at the end of the game, Dustin is incredulous that they took an intentional safety, thus robbing him of money
id: 37678
I don't know what the hell an intentional safety is, but Dustin is pretty pissed
id: 37679
Only one thing to do now
id: 37680
"Why did you give him whipped cream??"
id: 37681
Typical Super Bowl party.
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