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02/10/13 - Camping with Steve, Megan, Phil, Dustin, Kevin, and Christina! Sledding!!

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id: 37557
I surprised everyone by showing up the night before!
id: 37558
Phil was recovering from a jager-nuke
id: 37559
You know it's a party when Dustin has his panda hat on
id: 37560
Christina set up camp next to the fireplace
id: 37561
Kevin surveys the morning snow
id: 37562
Phil's ready for a day of igloo building
id: 37563
Luckily, they had already built half an igloo the day before
id: 37564
Phil brought a handy trenching tool
id: 37565
Inspecting the super-frozen half-igloo
id: 37566
Real classy, guys
id: 37567
Kevin gathers some snow for brickmaking
id: 37568
We used a cooler to build bricks
id: 37569
Here on vacation.. hard at work
id: 37570
id: 37571
Stomp it down!
id: 37572
Kevin brings more snow
id: 37573
The view across the lake
id: 37574
Stacking the new bricks
id: 37575
The shovels have betrayed Phil for the last time
id: 37576
Igloo building is hard work
id: 37577
Phil thinks he looks cool
id: 37578
Steve in the great outdoors
id: 37579
id: 37580
Making snow paste!
id: 37581
Dustin finally emerges from the cabin
id: 37582
Getting water for snow paste
id: 37583
Good thing Steve has his trusty walking stick
id: 37584
Dustin gets started early
id: 37585
Hey it's Christina! And it's me!
id: 37586
Dumping snow into the brick form / cooler
id: 37587
The igloo is growing!
id: 37588
It gets more complicated as it tilts inwards
id: 37589
Needs more paste!
id: 37590
Dustin saves his heavy lifting for beer
id: 37591
What's with that face, Kevin?
id: 37592
It grows!
id: 37593
Look at how pointy this brick is!
id: 37594
I volunteered to be the inside man
id: 37595
I really need a haircut
id: 37596
This is how we supported the arch until the igloo was finished
id: 37597
Steve's got a fresh pot of paste
id: 37598
My view from inside the igloo
id: 37599
The igloo is finished! The supports have been removed
id: 37600
Steve is a big fan of the igloo
id: 37601
Phil shovels out some of the loose snow
id: 37602
Clearing the igloo entrance
id: 37603
Igloo time!
id: 37604
Igloo #1
id: 37605
The complete structure. And it only took us like seven hours. Real pros.
id: 37606
Megan ventuerd outside the cabin for a little igloo time
id: 37607
And then we killed Steve
id: 37608
Party in the igloo!
id: 37609
Now that that's done, it's sledding time!
id: 37610
Such a colorful sled
id: 37611
Who needs to walk?
id: 37612
Phil gears up for the first sled ride of the day
id: 37613
id: 37614
Little Bills fan
id: 37615
Steve gets started on the sled jump
id: 37616
Kevin's just going to watch for now
id: 37617
And off Steve goes
id: 37618
"Oh god!"
id: 37619
The walk back uphill is a little arduous
id: 37620
Kevin's in the zone
id: 37621
Megan kept shouting "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"
id: 37622
id: 37623
Dustin kept insisting on going headfirst
id: 37624
With predictable results
id: 37625
Looking good, Dustin
id: 37626
Remember kids, don't drink and sled
id: 37627
Steve's got the good sled
id: 37628
Taking the slow blue one down the hill
id: 37629
id: 37630
Everyone seemed to be aiming directly for my caemra bag
id: 37631
Phil goes flying through the woods
id: 37632
Good thing he didn't hit anything
id: 37633
Have sled, will travel
id: 37634
I'm not sure Phil ever made it to the bottom without wiping out
id: 37635
Today was Christina's first day sledding!
id: 37636
Kevin loses it again
id: 37637
Imminent disaster in about half a second
id: 37638
Dustin kept smashing the jump with his head
id: 37639
Air time!
id: 37640
Out of control!
id: 37641
Phil just kept adding to the jump
id: 37642
Kevin gets some air
id: 37643
Phil is ready to bury him
id: 37644
This used to be Dustin
id: 37645
Shortly after popping his glasses lens back in
id: 37646
Where's Phil going?
id: 37647
Christina was the best sledder in the group!
id: 37648
"That was fun!"
id: 37649
Steve does his best to destroy the jump
id: 37650
Cloud of snow
id: 37651
I wasn't much more steady than anyone else
id: 37652
About a half second after this picture, Dustin was flat on his back
id: 37653
Meanwhile, Christina keeps nailing the jump and sticking the landing
id: 37654
Phil starts out right..
id: 37655
And then ends up like this
id: 37656
One handed!
id: 37657
That doesn't look like proper sled form
id: 37658
Dustin gave Phil a push.. with disasterous results
id: 37659
Christina finally crashes
id: 37660
Crashing through the snow
id: 37661
Back in the warm cabin!
id: 37662
And then a dance party happened for some reason
id: 37663
id: 37664
Complete madness
id: 37665
So many lights
id: 37666
Megan stopped everyone from duct taping lights to the fan
id: 37667
The morning after.. Great times!
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