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04/06/13 - Silo City Rocks opens in Buffalo, so I get to go poke around a bunch of old grain silos

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id: 37693
Follow the line of parking
id: 37694
Ominous buildings
id: 37695
Lots of old abandoned buildings
id: 37696
This field looks like it should have a radioactive sign in it
id: 37697
There's people on the roof!
id: 37698
I don't want to park my car here
id: 37699
I guess trains used to go in here
id: 37700
This is the building that's going to be getting the climbing walls
id: 37701
I like the angle of this building
id: 37702
This looks like something out of TF2
id: 37703
Lots of damage at the bottom of the buildings
id: 37704
Relics of the past
id: 37705
Lots of people turned out to watch
id: 37706
Grain dispensers?
id: 37707
This looks safe
id: 37708
I'm looking forward to climbing this
id: 37709
Don't tell me what to do, sign
id: 37710
I'm amazed there's still glass left!
id: 37711
Time to walk
id: 37712
id: 37713
This wall looks like it's about to collapse
id: 37714
So much debris on the ground
id: 37715
Don't open this door
id: 37716
Creepy window
id: 37717
More creepy windows!
id: 37718
Hey! I see you up there
id: 37719
Looking out of one of the creepy buildings
id: 37720
The sun is setting
id: 37721
Don't walk across that bridge
id: 37722
The area behind the buildings
id: 37723
Popular glass breaking area
id: 37724
Messed up bricks
id: 37725
I wonder why this is a different material
id: 37726
Bricks and concrete
id: 37727
Pull up bridge
id: 37728
They expected me to go up there stairs. They expected wrong.
id: 37729
Looking up at the grain silos
id: 37730
Don't go down there
id: 37731
I was not a big fan of walking past this wall
id: 37732
Mysterious old equipment
id: 37733
Gross goo coming out of the ceiling
id: 37734
Caution to you, sign
id: 37735
That's where I was!
id: 37736
People are rapelling down the building!
id: 37737
Looks like fun!
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