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06/22/13 - James comes to visit me in Buffalo and ride some rides. Time for a tour!

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"Yes.. yes.. this is clearly Lake Erie"
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id: 37768
James with the grain elevator
id: 37769
Your hat's on a little crooked there
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id: 37771
Another view of my favorite abandoned building in Buffalo
id: 37772
Hey look! It's Cedar Point!
id: 37773
My turn on the other side of the lens
id: 37774
It was pretty windy, my hair isn't just permanently stupid
id: 37775
One of the wind turbines had a blade that was edge on to me, so it looked like it was missing
id: 37776
Checking out the pier
id: 37777
Looks like fun, but don't fall in the gross water!
id: 37778
This building was bought recently. Hopefully they don't tear it down
id: 37779
James loves foosball
id: 37780
And also Synacor!
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