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06/29/13 - Hanging out in Brooklyn with Suz, Goran, and Bryce!

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id: 37928
Getting a ride in Suz's laughably small car
id: 37929
"Yay, photos"
id: 37930
To the local market!
id: 37931
It turns out Suz can actually draw
id: 37932
Goran perched on the couch
id: 37933
Hey it's Josh! It turns out he's a real person
id: 37934
Mxy hates photos
id: 37935
Get it? Get it? Probably not.
id: 37936
"Your cards"
id: 37937
CJ hates photos, so of course I had to try to take a nice one. I think I succeeded!
id: 37938
Mxy continues her lurking, freaking Suz out
id: 37939
Cards Against Humanity is fun
id: 37940
Mxy is just as alarmed as I am that Goran never fixed his cool red PC
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