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06/30/13 - Roaming around New York City with Suz, Goran, and Bryce! 9 years since last time!

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id: 37942
Lots of giant ads in New York
id: 37943
Hit block, receive pizza
id: 37944
Cool graffiti! Or art! Or something
id: 37945
I live in Buffalo, I'm not used to seeing stuff to do and people doing stuff
id: 37946
id: 37947
Goran loves soda
id: 37948
That looks like a pretty great donut
id: 37949
I don't like this pig
id: 37950
id: 37951
Bryce is going to cut me into paper dolls with his new pal
id: 37952
id: 37953
Lord Zedd!
id: 37954
Checking out the Manhattan skyline while waiting for the ferry
id: 37955
1 WTC is nearly done
id: 37956
Empire State Building
id: 37957
This guy was serving shaved ice by ACTUALLY SHAVING ICE
id: 37958
Those beams are sticking pretty far out
id: 37959
To the ferry!
id: 37960
I'm an adult
id: 37961
Uhh.. is that normal?
id: 37962
id: 37963
Williamsburg Bridge
id: 37964
Nobody drop anything on me
id: 37965
Hey I recognize that Verizon building from some iconic photos from 12 years ago
id: 37966
Brooklyn Bridge!
id: 37967
Under the Brooklyn Bridge
id: 37968
The closest I got to the Statue of Liberty
id: 37969
Booo, Wall Street. Booo.
id: 37970
Hey it's that Willow look-alike again!
id: 37971
id: 37972
This building looks all janky.. but it does it on purpose
id: 37973
Bryce was psyched to see Midtown Comics
id: 37974
Getting closer to 1 WTC
id: 37975
id: 37976
Posing with 1 WTC!
id: 37977
Why are they taking pieces down?
id: 37978
Bryce loves when I make him pose for photos
id: 37979
This was about as close as I got to 1 WTC. Maybe I'll get the memorial tour next time
id: 37980
Neat memorial art
id: 37981
This is where Occupy Wall Street was
id: 37982
Now there's people doing street performances
id: 37983
"Am I allowed to take photos on the subway?" "I don't know" "Let's find out"
id: 37984
The gay pride parade, right after DOMA was repealed!
id: 37985
In a lot of ways, the gay pride parade looks similar to an anime con..
id: 37986
Miss Trans Universe
id: 37987
Suz is short
id: 37988
Again.. the anime con parallel
id: 37989
Keeping traffic from driving into the parade
id: 37990
Ahhh, buildings are disappearing!
id: 37991
Is it just me, or is this guy slightly smaller than he should be
id: 37992
I didn't notice someone noticed me taking this picture until I got home!
id: 37993
Waiting for sliders
id: 37994
Oh my god we're back at Kenka!! Don't let them see me!!
id: 37995
Another video game shop
id: 37996
Look out Goran, Bryce is coming for you!!
id: 37997
What is this monstrosity
id: 37998
What the hell is this thing??
id: 37999
"Lose weight by ignoring the sign above this one"
id: 38000
Cool window art
id: 38001
Goran came prepared with an umbrella
id: 38002
"Oh my god, photos"
id: 38003
Cool store, but unbearably hot and humid
id: 38004
So many N64 games
id: 38005
The Oculus Rift's old second cousin twice removed
id: 38006
I've never even heard of this thing
id: 38007
Hey, very cool. Kojima's autograph!
id: 38008
And Miyamoto's!
id: 38009
Hey kid, need an N64?
id: 38010
"Mario? I don't know"
id: 38011
Goran strikes a pose
id: 38012
Hi Suz!
id: 38013
id: 38014
Walking back to Suz and Goran's apartment
id: 38015
New York streets
id: 38016
Think you're cool with your rain shield?
id: 38017
Getting ice cream at the Big Gay Ice Cream shop
id: 38018
You can tell by the unicorns
id: 38019
Mxy is my friend
id: 38020
Suz is now 20% cooler
id: 38021
Sunset on the city
id: 38022
Goran couldn't resist the ridiculous boxed water
id: 38023
At this place you ordered your dinner by the POUND. Who thinks of their food by the pound? This is 3/4 pound of pulled pork, by the way
id: 38024
Long exposure from the roof of the apartment building
id: 38025
Lastly we went to Barcade. A bar and classic arcade games! Awesome!
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