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07/13/13 - BBQ cookout with Topaz and the gang

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id: 38087
Topaz totally knows how to cook meat
id: 38088
Look at him paying attention
id: 38089
Is the food ready yet?
id: 38090
Nice patio
id: 38091
Mmm, burgers
id: 38092
Hez talks about.. something
id: 38093
That looks like a comfy chair
id: 38094
It's probably edible!
id: 38095
Kate caught me
id: 38096
id: 38097
Cooking is fun!
id: 38098
Such form
id: 38099
Time to crack into the watermelon
id: 38100
Brian thinks about the future.. or something
id: 38101
id: 38102
Hez is all excited about cookouts
id: 38103
Any buns left?
id: 38104
For a second I didn't see the bowl and was really impressed
id: 38105
Test the sauce
id: 38106
id: 38107
Now I'm hungry
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