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08/21/13 - Flying around Buffalo in a tiny Cessna with John! And we survived!

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id: 38395
My chariot awaits
id: 38396
John checks out the aircraft
id: 38397
Seems legit
id: 38398
id: 38399
John seems pretty confident in it
id: 38400
Ready to fly!
id: 38401
No nicks!
id: 38402
Don't hit your head on the wing like I did
id: 38403
A little cramped
id: 38404
Oh boy. This is how the plane gets out of the hangar
id: 38405
Looks good
id: 38406
Stuffed into the cockpit
id: 38407
Please be thorough with the checklist!
id: 38408
Ready to rock
id: 38409
Taxiing to the end of the runway
id: 38410
We're airborne!
id: 38411
You can see the players!
id: 38412
A little hazy today
id: 38413
Our target for this flight
id: 38414
John asked me to get some photos of this church from the air
id: 38415
We did a few orbits around it
id: 38416
I think these came out pretty nice!
id: 38417
Getting a little of the surrounding area
id: 38418
Coming around for another loop
id: 38419
And away we go
id: 38420
id: 38421
Feeling good
id: 38422
Using a phone can mess up this compass
id: 38423
id: 38424
Flying over Ralph Wilson stadium
id: 38425
Looking right down into the stadium
id: 38426
I've been in there!
id: 38427
It's a shame there wasn't a game!
id: 38428
The refugee camp where Steve tailgates
id: 38429
Looking at my apartment complex!
id: 38430
Hey there's my building!
id: 38431
A wider view of my apartment complex
id: 38432
Looking north down the 5
id: 38433
The rotary I take to work every day
id: 38434
People at the beach
id: 38435
Wind turbines!
id: 38436
So many little boats
id: 38437
The battleship near work
id: 38438
Hey it's Synacor!
id: 38439
id: 38440
HSBC tower
id: 38441
Looking down on the skyway
id: 38442
I love this shot. My favorite grain elevator along with the wind turbines
id: 38443
So many little houses
id: 38444
Little cars!
id: 38445
This is fun
id: 38446
Go-kart track?
id: 38447
Looking down into peoples' backyards
id: 38448
Flying straight is boring
id: 38449
Lining up with the runway
id: 38450
Back on the ground!
id: 38451
That's where I sat
id: 38452
id: 38453
This plane has seen better days
id: 38454
John brings the plane back to the hangar
id: 38455
Hi John!
id: 38456
A closeup of the abandoned airplane. At least, I assume it's abandoned
id: 38457
Still looks neat
id: 38458
Probably doesn't fly so great though
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