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09/08/13 - The Bills season opener reminds me how crazy sports fans can be

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id: 38639
Entering the Bills Zone
id: 38640
Meth station
id: 38641
What madman would try to drive a car down here??
id: 38642
Getting closer
id: 38643
This guy was pretty into it
id: 38644
Aww, look at the little Brady
id: 38645
I think the road is closed
id: 38646
Ralph Wiggum Stadium
id: 38647
Entering the refugee camp
id: 38648
id: 38649
Steve with his creepy mustache
id: 38650
Megan thinks this is all ridiculous
id: 38651
These guys came straight from an all night bachelor party
id: 38652
Christina listens to the bachelor party's speeches
id: 38653
Steve says what he thinks the key to the game will be and takes a swig
id: 38654
Dustin's turn
id: 38655
Mustache photo!
id: 38656
id: 38657
Too close!!!
id: 38658
A solemn moment indeed
id: 38659
Dustin is a little out of control
id: 38660
Megan is not
id: 38661
Dustin needs to drink quickly, the game is about to start!
id: 38662
It is Tuel Time?
id: 38663
id: 38664
Will they kick Dustin out for being too drunk? Nobody knows!! (He made it)
id: 38665
The new security rules are really helping the lines
id: 38666
id: 38667
id: 38668
Have fun, everyone!
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