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09/22/13 - Visiting New York City for a job interview!

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id: 38711
Mxy was startled to hear I might move to NYC
id: 38712
Suz makes a cat animation
id: 38713
I'm wearing the hat as a hat, against the very specific instructions from Nintendo
id: 38714
Suz beats up Goran
id: 38715
There was some kind of motorcycle block party at Suz and Goran's place
id: 38716
Why are we at a bar in the morning?
id: 38717
Charlie knows that's a dumb question. It's time for Spoons, Toons, and Booze!
id: 38718
Guinness and Cap'n Crunch. A good way to start the day
id: 38719
Singing the Duck Tales theme!
id: 38720
Jar time? Where's Jeff?
id: 38721
Giant pile of meat at Fette Sau!
id: 38722
Goran finishes off the beer. Or whatever it was
id: 38723
This was almost a photo of a piggyback ride
id: 38724
Yaddi has a flat head
id: 38725
And likes smelling my bag
id: 38726
Oh god, look away!!
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