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10/11/13 - After three wonderful years, I bid farewell to Synacor and all my Buffalo friends

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id: 38727
Thanks to the Marina Market for all the lunches! What's up cuz!
id: 38728
I gathered as many of my Synacor buddies as I could into one place and took a group photo!
id: 38729
One more!
id: 38730
Now let's make sure people are making goofy faces
id: 38731
Best boss ever, Steve!
id: 38732
Let's get drunk!
id: 38733
Hi Topaz
id: 38734
Beers all around
id: 38735
Beer is funny
id: 38736
Phil doesn't know about this whole drinking thing
id: 38737
Kevin once again makes us all feel underdressed
id: 38738
Megan and Christina!
id: 38739
CMac is my trivia consultant
id: 38740
One last beef on weck!
id: 38741
Ordering Jager shot
id: 38742
Jager shots!
id: 38743
A toast!
id: 38744
Plastic cup click!
id: 38745
Sweet sweet Jager
id: 38746
So refreshing
id: 38747
I won real money from the trivia machine!
id: 38748
There is so much beer on this foosball table
id: 38749
How can I be expected to foos with this much beer on the table
id: 38750
You're going down, Shawn!
id: 38751
One point at a time!
id: 38752
id: 38753
Just look at the ball!
id: 38754
Time for a different game
id: 38755
How does pool work?
id: 38756
Magic triangle
id: 38757
Time for pool
id: 38758
Bye Mark! Thanks for all the interesting conversations!
id: 38759
The enigmatic Mark Mitias!
id: 38760
id: 38761
Christina lines up a shot
id: 38762
6 ball, no pocket
id: 38763
Phil's turn!
id: 38764
Pool analysis
id: 38765
That's not my purse
id: 38766
Phil looks like he knows what he's doing
id: 38767
Bye buddy! See you soon!
id: 38768
Topaz isn't great at pool
id: 38769
Shawn is pretty good though
id: 38770
I guarantee Topaz is thinking about angles of incidence and geometry right now
id: 38771
Shawn kicked my ass
id: 38772
"Why do you keep hitting the wrong balls??"
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