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10/15/13 - I move to New York City!

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id: 38782
This is how you get rid of furniture you don't want when you have a patio
id: 38783
Neil wonders where everything went
id: 38784
I took a bunch of photos to prove I didn't wreck up the place. This is one!
id: 38785
I made Dad drive the truck
id: 38786
Hitting the road!
id: 38787
At least we picked a pretty time of year to go
id: 38788
Wind turbines!
id: 38789
I love wind turbines
id: 38790
Who says these are eyesores?
id: 38791
Windfarm.. on a farm!
id: 38792
id: 38793
I already made the wind farm joke
id: 38794
A pumpkin cannon!
id: 38795
Rocks and leaves
id: 38796
Buzz didn't like the move
id: 38797
I kept him company
id: 38798
From the FUTURE
id: 38799
Getting closer!
id: 38800
Pretty forest
id: 38801
Buzz doesn't know about this rest stop
id: 38802
No don't!
id: 38803
Dentistry from the future and real estate from the past
id: 38804
The stupid GW charged me $30 to cross!
id: 38805
Can you believe we got this truck through New York?
id: 38806
Getting some diner breakfast before his bus home
id: 38807
Dad always calls his brother "Brother Jimmy" so I made him stand in front of this restaurant
id: 38808
This is my Dad's reaction to New Jersey giving him a ticket
id: 38809
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