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10/17/13 - Wandering around New York a little before I start work

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id: 38810
I've never encountered a heliport before..
id: 38811
That's the building where I work now!
id: 38812
Hey cool, the Empire State Building
id: 38813
These two had better cameras than me
id: 38814
Goodbye helicopter!
id: 38815
It's a big office building. I work on the 11th floor
id: 38816
I found this cat in Queens
id: 38817
The Hayden Planetarium!
id: 38818
This is the observable universe or something
id: 38819
Someone forgot to paint the earth
id: 38820
id: 38821
Hanging around near Central Park
id: 38822
It was a nice day
id: 38823
Picking up leaves!
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