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10/19/13 - Beany comes to NYC! Suz takes us to a farmer's market and then we make apple pie!

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id: 38824
This is the view from my train platform
id: 38825
Bliss street!
id: 38826
A taxi cab spotted in its natural habitat
id: 38827
id: 38828
It's Beany!!
id: 38829
Suz also makes goofy faces
id: 38830
I love fall!!
id: 38831
Beware the bee zone
id: 38832
This was a big farmer's market
id: 38833
Let's decide what to do
id: 38834
How about making goofy faces?
id: 38835
id: 38836
Cider is great
id: 38837
Beany got some maple syrup cotton candy
id: 38838
I wasted $15 on honeycomb, which tastes weird
id: 38839
Suz doesn't like it
id: 38840
Uhhhh... ok then
id: 38841
Who's ready for hot dogs?
id: 38842
Apparently Beany and Suz are
id: 38843
Used crap shops are funny
id: 38844
Double mirrors!
id: 38845
Beany likes the cat mug
id: 38846
OK fine
id: 38847
There is a lot of crap in here
id: 38848
Maybe she doesn't want it..
id: 38849
Look at all this crap
id: 38850
id: 38851
Pumpkin tiiime
id: 38852
"You're going to take pictures of me eating honeycomb?"
id: 38853
"Here I go!"
id: 38854
Mmmm, honey
id: 38855
Making dough!
id: 38856
id: 38857
Pugs love cooking
id: 38858
Beer bottles are an instrument
id: 38859
Things are funny
id: 38860
Mxy doesn't know why so many people are here
id: 38861
The famous Yolkr. Just don't combine it with the Oculus Rift!
id: 38862
Ahhh, Beany!!
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