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10/28/13 - Suz and Charlie make chili for the contest at work!

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id: 38978
Charlie knows this is serious business
id: 38979
I'm not sure what Suz is doing here
id: 38980
Sadie is helping by prepping peppers. She's a pepper prepper.
id: 38981
Mxy is sick of all of this nonsense
id: 38982
Mixing the bowl?
id: 38983
Whisk whisk whisk
id: 38984
Chop chop chop
id: 38985
id: 38986
Charlie adds some chocolate shavings to the mix
id: 38987
Fancy chocolate
id: 38988
Sadie lines up another chop
id: 38989
id: 38990
Look at this mess
id: 38991
So many tomatoes
id: 38992
Yaddi hates everyone and everything
id: 38993
Making chili!
id: 38994
id: 38995
Big ol' bowl of beef
id: 38996
Would you like some peppers?
id: 38997
Ahhh, that's hot!
id: 38998
That's too hot!
id: 38999
id: 39000
Suz is short
id: 39001
"This pepper is hotter than you told me.."
id: 39002
Checking the recipe
id: 39003
Is it done yet?
id: 39004
Charlie likes his new Kindle Fire
id: 39005
Making chili is fun
id: 39006
Goran is home and wants to know what the heck is going on here
id: 39007
I don't know, dinnner?
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