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10/31/13 - Halloween at MGB! Chili, costumes, and prizes!

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id: 39018
Tom is a sneaky sneak
id: 39019
Look at him blend in
id: 39020
Suz has found the free beer
id: 39021
Charlie is determined to win this chili competition
id: 39022
I couldn't believe he had the exact same pajamas as me
id: 39023
Various cutting tools
id: 39024
Everyone get chili!
id: 39025
He's a judge. Get it?
id: 39026
id: 39027
Bryan is grumpy
id: 39028
Is the chili any good?
id: 39029
The chili competitors at work
id: 39030
Another chili judge
id: 39031
Uhh.. we'll find another meeting room
id: 39032
Josh wouldn't stay still
id: 39033
He's ready to do magic
id: 39034
Prize machine?
id: 39035
Out on the balcony to hear the winners
id: 39036
No one I know won anything! Bummer.
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