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11/19/13 - Suz and I make "The First Thanksgiving on Mars" for a contest at work

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id: 39101
Ready to get started?
id: 39102
Imagine it looks like this
id: 39103
High gain antenna!
id: 39104
The solar array for Spirit
id: 39105
Various Crayola products
id: 39106
Making stuff
id: 39107
I made the solar arrays for MAVEN
id: 39108
A cornucopia!
id: 39109
Sculpted Thanksgiving food!
id: 39110
Making a papier mache Mars.. that we don't use in the end
id: 39111
All packed up and ready to go!
id: 39112
We're totally going to win this
id: 39113
Setting up at work
id: 39114
Curiosity is cooking the turkey with her laser
id: 39115
Look at Spirit!
id: 39116
id: 39117
MAVEN and MRO. It was a great display but we didn't win in the end
id: 39118
Later, we saw a Minotaur rocket launch from Virginia! Not a great photo but not bad from NYC!
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