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12/25/13 - Christmas! Mom, Becky, Dad, Aunt Teresa, and Uncle Chris!

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id: 39130
You ready for some Christmas??
id: 39131
Get that caffeine flowing
id: 39132
Macaroni awaits the year paper apocalypse
id: 39133
Becky got mom the power drill set she needed.. in pink!
id: 39134
Mom was thrilled
id: 39135
Becky's got her hat on
id: 39136
What could it be?
id: 39137
A big ol' slow cooker
id: 39138
Becky's excited
id: 39139
Macaroni has seen some shit
id: 39140
Christmas morning is a great time to be a cat
id: 39141
TV Tables!
id: 39142
Macaroni is overwhelmed
id: 39143
Spiffy hat
id: 39144
Time to get reading
id: 39145
Dad's turn to open presents!
id: 39146
Becky supervises
id: 39147
We weren't sure the blue would work but it totally did!
id: 39148
Becky is trying to blend in with the couch
id: 39149
Hi Uncle Chris!
id: 39150
Camera duel!
id: 39151
Relaxing after dinner
id: 39152
Awkward photos!
id: 39153
Yaaay awkward photos
id: 39154
Just one more
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