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01/01/14 - New Years with Suz, Goran, Josh, and friends!

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id: 39195
It's Goran's turn to retrieve the secret card
id: 39196
Everyone watches Goran cut open the box
id: 39197
What's it gonna beee
id: 39198
id: 39199
I brought my infamous shocking reactino game
id: 39200
What card elicited that reaction?
id: 39201
Cards Against Humanity is funny
id: 39202
Suz is using the Mario hat for its stated purpose
id: 39203
id: 39204
Preparing for the big moment
id: 39205
"2014" isn't really a glasses number..
id: 39206
Josh is so excited
id: 39207
Suz is so ready to party
id: 39208
The last moments of 2013
id: 39209
Ahhhh, 2014!! Party!
id: 39210
Josh tries to party
id: 39211
Soviet campagne?
id: 39212
id: 39213
Hey guys it's 2014, put on your 2014 glasses
id: 39214
Much better
id: 39215
Noisemakers everywhere
id: 39216
What is this face??
id: 39217
Suz kept blasting the nosiemaker into Goran's phone
id: 39218
Suz catches me taking a picture
id: 39219
Sending text messages
id: 39220
Josh is king of goofy faces
id: 39221
Hi Eric
id: 39222
Goran, do not put the giant ice ball in your mouth
id: 39223
This is a bad idea
id: 39224
Josh with his happy balloon
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