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02/15/14 - Ben and Dani come to New York! Oculus Rift and Grand Central photo shoot ensues

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id: 39225
Dani takes her turn on the Oculus Rift
id: 39226
It was a little more isolating than usual for her
id: 39227
Ben's turn
id: 39228
Neil and Ben
id: 39229
Neil.. don't... look.. left
id: 39230
id: 39231
Neil liked Ben
id: 39232
Let's stack things on him
id: 39233
At least it's not actively snowing
id: 39234
Hello cat
id: 39235
Breakfast at Foxy's Diner
id: 39236
id: 39237
I asked this guy if I could take his picture and he said yes
id: 39238
Walking back to pack up and head out
id: 39239
Hey who took this?
id: 39240
Waiting at the 46th St station
id: 39241
Can you tell what he's talking about? I can't. But I don't speak sign language.
id: 39242
id: 39243
Good ol' Bliss St
id: 39244
Platform sign
id: 39245
Here comes the Queens-bound train
id: 39246
Snow is nice
id: 39247
Dani's not so sure
id: 39248
Hi Ben
id: 39249
I see you
id: 39250
"Why are you taking my picture"
id: 39251
"Grand Central!"
id: 39252
This time with fewer Avengers
id: 39253
I was trying to take these pictures and get out of there before someone thought I was a tourist
id: 39254
Grand Central Station!
id: 39255
Hanging out near the clock
id: 39256
Another angle?
id: 39257
From the other side of the room
id: 39258
Waiting for the train
id: 39259
Waiting is boring
id: 39260
At least it's not snowing
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