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02/17/14 - WaldoLAN! I head down to Maryland to attend Omar's big LAN party

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id: 39261
So many screens!
id: 39262
A typical Vic wallpaper
id: 39263
Lots of food, screens, and people
id: 39264
Hiii Omar
id: 39265
Are you ready to play a card game?
id: 39266
This.. is an unusual card game
id: 39267
Amanda loves when I take photos of her goofy faces
id: 39268
id: 39269
Reading the complicated rules
id: 39270
I'm not the only one who's confused
id: 39271
Nice hat
id: 39272
This guy sat next to me
id: 39273
Vic knows the rules
id: 39274
Internet box
id: 39275
I finally meet Hsien
id: 39276
Omar is the king of ridiculous faces
id: 39277
Hsien is deep in thought
id: 39278
To be fair, it's a weird game
id: 39279
Vic loves Curling
id: 39280
So many little coins
id: 39281
Liz is the Queen of ridiculous faces
id: 39282
Fat Vic
id: 39283
Amanda laughs at Fat Vic
id: 39284
Time for some Cards Against Humanity
id: 39285
Liz sabotages yet another perfectly good photo
id: 39286
Time for that weird tree game
id: 39287
Careful, Vic!
id: 39288
id: 39289
Or.. take a nap
id: 39290
Hsien is on the edge of his seat
id: 39291
Keep the pieces on the table!
id: 39292
Ahh! Don't touch it!
id: 39293
Rubik's Cuuube
id: 39294
Amanda is ready for some space flying
id: 39295
Omar sets up the computers
id: 39296
I'm at the Engineering station
id: 39297
Liz was Weapons
id: 39298
Amanda was Comms
id: 39299
Vic was.. TF2?
id: 39300
Yet another Omar face
id: 39301
He doesn't even look normal
id: 39302
Another weird but fun game
id: 39303
Oh Zeocra. You so funny.
id: 39304
That is a big snowman.
id: 39305
Liz provided for scale
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