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02/22/14 - It's the first reasonably nice day of the year.. let's bring the camera to work!

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id: 39306
Views from my commute
id: 39307
The remains of 5 Pointz
id: 39308
Hey, that's our train!
id: 39309
id: 39310
Fruit stands
id: 39311
I think this truck delivers graffiti
id: 39312
id: 39313
Giant brick facades
id: 39314
Hey that's the bus I take sometimes
id: 39315
I think this building is supposed to look like this
id: 39316
Walking alongside Chelsea Piers to work with 1 WTC in the background
id: 39317
I'm not sure the floorplan was necessary
id: 39318
Charlie peeks out from above the monitor
id: 39319
Hi Tyler
id: 39320
If you couldn't figure it out, this is my desk
id: 39321
id: 39322
The building I used to work in looms over my walk home
id: 39323
A quick picture of 1 WTC while crossing the street
id: 39324
Thief Thief Thief Thief Beck Beck
id: 39325
Back on my street
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