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03/11/14 - Shots around work, and lunch with Charlie and Josh

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id: 39380
Israel doesn't usually have such a stinkeye going on
id: 39381
Chelsea Piers
id: 39382
Big crane
id: 39383
I think this sign may have been tampered with
id: 39384
So many huge buildings in NYC
id: 39385
Josh thinks things are funny
id: 39386
Charlie takes his lunch decisions very seriously
id: 39387
Salad choices
id: 39388
What will he choose??
id: 39389
More big cranes
id: 39390
I bet these guys are happy the weather's better
id: 39391
This scaffolding seems crazy
id: 39392
Scaffolding and sitance buildings
id: 39393
Josh on the HIghline
id: 39394
There's that crane again
id: 39395
Charlie has a nice relaxing momen--
id: 39396
id: 39397
Josh is ready to leave
id: 39398
I bet the Highline looks nicer when the plants are alive
id: 39399
Someone's keys?
id: 39400
Walking back to work
id: 39401
Tyler deep in thought
id: 39402
See? Non-stinkeye Israel
id: 39403
Kailey only has a stinkeye when I talk about space
id: 39404
Ahh, don't fall off!
id: 39405
Looking downtown towards 1 WTC
id: 39406
Got to be careful when crossing the bike lane
id: 39407
There's that red crane again
id: 39408
I can never resist taking my picture in these mirrors
id: 39409
Walking back to the subway station
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