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03/22/14 - Visiting Bryce, Vic, and Amanda! We did more things but this is mostly pictures of hamburgers

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id: 39410
Vic is always on guard in the supermarket
id: 39411
You can always find Bryce in the pickles aisle
id: 39412
Where's that.. stuff we want
id: 39413
Shopping is a team effort
id: 39414
And also scary
id: 39415
What beer to buy?
id: 39416
Amanda doesn't trust alcohol
id: 39417
Four normal burgers
id: 39418
id: 39419
Vic didn't have a rolling pin so naturally..
id: 39420
I sold Bryce the Xbox that Beager signed for me. Don't let me forget he owes me a dinner.
id: 39421
Uhh.. food?
id: 39422
id: 39423
Bryce practices his stinkeye
id: 39424
Uhoh.. what's in that hamburger
id: 39425
It's a hotdog!!
id: 39426
This is getting really gross
id: 39427
Wrap it in bacon!!
id: 39428
id: 39429
Vic always dresses to match what he's eating
id: 39430
I don't even..
id: 39431
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