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04/06/14 - Mom comes to visit me in Queens and we headed to the site of the World Fair!

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id: 39455
Neil wants to know who Mom is talking to
id: 39456
Living on Bliss Street!
id: 39457
Nice wide walkway
id: 39458
Ahh, so this is where trains sleep
id: 39459
She was there!
id: 39460
Want a hug?
id: 39461
Back after almost 50 years!
id: 39462
Posing with the globe
id: 39463
Now you know what's under North America
id: 39464
Taking pictures
id: 39465
Ah, the ol' "Hold the wide angle adapter up" photo trick again
id: 39466
Mary Agnes Moore?
id: 39467
The hat is getting away!
id: 39468
Here I'm trying a compressed shot. I went far away with my telephoto and zoomed in. Makes the background look larger
id: 39469
id: 39470
New York State Pavilion
id: 39471
Back at the UFOs
id: 39472
I'm pretty sure that's the exact same brick Suz stood on to peek into the pavilion
id: 39473
id: 39474
Heisenberg Area?
id: 39475
Some weird sculpture at the old UN building
id: 39476
I like the giant box on top of it
id: 39477
It's right next to the globe
id: 39478
This is a MASSIVE scale model of NYC
id: 39479
That's where we are!!
id: 39480
They need to update their model..
id: 39481
id: 39482
Looking up Manhattan
id: 39483
Hey that's where I used to work!
id: 39484
This guy is patriotic. Or just wants more drag on his bike for the workout
id: 39485
Mom was a fan of the mysterious eggs
id: 39486
More colorful egg
id: 39487
Time for breakfast
id: 39488
Bagel, cream cheese, and lox!
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