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04/20/14 - Spoons, Toons & Booze, Fette Sau, Barcade, and other nonsense

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id: 39512
In honor of 4/20 weekend, ST&B's theme was "Don't Do Drugs"
id: 39513
I'm not sure the hosts took their own advice
id: 39514
Goran investigates my absurd $20 tablet
id: 39515
Steven takes a look at the tablet
id: 39516
And of course I had my Rubik's Cube on me
id: 39517
The rainbow has chosen Charlie's beard
id: 39518
Steven has a flower
id: 39519
This is the cover to Charlie and Goran's new album
id: 39520
Calm down!!
id: 39521
What's wrong, Steven?
id: 39522
This phone has some issues
id: 39523
Bicycle safety makes Goran happy
id: 39524
And he's off
id: 39525
Watch the lights!
id: 39526
We found Andy!
id: 39527
Fette Sau was packed as always
id: 39528
You need to be constantly checking for an open table
id: 39529
Ready for a giant pile of meat?
id: 39530
Andy knows what line to be near
id: 39531
id: 39532
Hi Mike
id: 39533
Charlie polls everyone on what to order
id: 39534
I'm not sure why everyone likes drinking out of jars
id: 39535
Well that jug of beer went fast
id: 39536
So many buns!
id: 39537
Charlie and Goran order the pile
id: 39538
And here it is!
id: 39539
Fette Sau makes Goran go all crosseyed
id: 39540
Energetic discussion
id: 39541
Everyone shut up and eat
id: 39542
Goran and his damned boxed water..
id: 39543
This is Andy's face when he found out Charlie's middle name is Charlie and his actual name is Raymond
id: 39544
I like to imagine Charlie ate something of Goran's and Goran is trying to get it back here
id: 39545
Charlie had to get something behind the dumpsters so we trapped him
id: 39546
You trapped, buddy?
id: 39547
I bet Andy was in favor of trapping Charlie
id: 39548
Goran likes to make goofy faces when he sees my camera
id: 39549
To Barcade?
id: 39550
I love those things!
id: 39551
Time for some beer and games
id: 39552
Andy's got some beer
id: 39553
Charlie explains one of his bizarre drinking games
id: 39554
The rules are complicated
id: 39555
Somehow I became the victim
id: 39556
I was not very good at it. Luckily I took small sips
id: 39557
Sexting was involved
id: 39558
Suz is here!
id: 39559
Suz tries to understand the rules
id: 39560
Squish Goran!
id: 39561
Cut to the next morning.. Brunch!
id: 39562
Squish Suz!
id: 39563
Goran is sleepy
id: 39564
Suz checks up on the internets
id: 39565
Who's ready for intoxicants??
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