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04/27/14 - Hanging out with Mel at the premiere of her first feature film! "Wander My Friends"

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id: 39566
Mel picked me up from the train station
id: 39567
Hey that's her!
id: 39568
Look at all the circles in this absurd car. Speaking of circles, it's 3:14!
id: 39569
"Why do you keep taking pictures of me driving?"
id: 39570
This is where the movie magic happens.
id: 39571
Mel's amazing giant sectional couch
id: 39572
Clearly Mel is super relaxed
id: 39573
Rubik's Cubes are confusing
id: 39574
So relaxed
id: 39575
id: 39576
Let's go get Milo from the train station
id: 39577
id: 39578
It's Milo! One of the actors int he film
id: 39579
Checking out the final cut
id: 39580
The sacred disc!
id: 39581
This is a very Mel photograph
id: 39582
Getting ready to look fancy
id: 39583
Let's go!
id: 39584
Mel's ready!
id: 39585
It's raining
id: 39586
Running through the rain!
id: 39587
Rain doesn't concern Milo
id: 39588
A rainbow! That's a good sign
id: 39589
Run run run
id: 39590
Brett met us at the theater
id: 39591
Mel outside of her first movie premiere!
id: 39592
Columbus Theater
id: 39593
Looking for people
id: 39594
Steph loves goofy faces
id: 39595
"Should we head in?"
id: 39596
Filmmaker! That's Mel!
id: 39597
Getting our tickets proved troublesome
id: 39598
There, now no one can say I'm not in this batch
id: 39599
It's Raz!
id: 39600
Also Bailey!
id: 39601
My ticket!
id: 39602
We're finally here
id: 39603
Mel, are you ready for this?
id: 39604
Caught Steph off guard this time
id: 39605
Mel's holding it together!
id: 39606
I think hanging out with friends made her more relaxed
id: 39607
Also some wine
id: 39608
Mel was asked to speak briefly about the film before starting
id: 39609
I forget what this guy talked about
id: 39610
People here to see the movie!
id: 39611
"JP's taking our picture"
id: 39612
Raz and Milo talk about the film
id: 39613
Group photos!
id: 39614
Everyone say "Wander My Friends"!
id: 39615
Everyone looks the same as in the previous photo except Mel
id: 39616
Raz thanking people
id: 39617
Mel didn't feel too bad about actually accidentally hitting Raz in the face
id: 39618
Thanks for coming!
id: 39619
Bye Milo!
id: 39620
"Who's that guy with the camera?"
id: 39621
Hugs outside the theater
id: 39622
Very late night diner!
id: 39623
Slightly more reasonable hour diner
id: 39624
Completely unreasonable food item. "The Elvis". It has peanut butter and bacon
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