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05/03/14 - Steve and Megan get married! Let's dance!

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id: 39699
Each table had a theme. I was at the Simpsons table
id: 39700
This was such a cool idea. Guests were invited to take home a frame photo. Steve and Megan thought this was standard!
id: 39701
Steve looks pretty chill
id: 39702
Looking down the aisle
id: 39703
Themed drinks!
id: 39704
Dapper Dustin
id: 39705
The big moment
id: 39706
Mr. and Mrs. Englert!
id: 39707
The groomsmen and bridesmaids were announced in pairs
id: 39708
Unfortunately the lighting didn't lend itself to crisp photos
id: 39709
Tamara and Phil are next
id: 39710
Sarah and Kevin
id: 39711
And the bride and groom!
id: 39712
Steve joking with Dave Bishop
id: 39713
Shawn knows how to dress up for an event
id: 39714
Phil is having fun! Especially considering the open bar..
id: 39715
The newlyweds make the rounds at the party
id: 39716
Bishop does his best to creep me out
id: 39717
Megan was pretty happy!
id: 39718
Then again, everyone seemed pretty happy
id: 39719
Shawn gets into the spirit of things with his new invention: glow-tie
id: 39720
Christina is following me to NYC soon! Neighbors!
id: 39721
Steve checks up on the Simpsons Table
id: 39722
He was impressed that we pooled our efforts and made a candy compound for our dinosaurs
id: 39723
Dustin shows up at the table next
id: 39724
"You ready to dance?"
id: 39725
First dance!
id: 39726
Seems to be going well
id: 39727
Megan thinks so, at least
id: 39728
And Megan suddenly shrinks! No wait, that's Steve's grandmother
id: 39729
Everyone else jumps on the dance floor
id: 39730
The ultimate dance party!
id: 39731
Of course there was a disco ball
id: 39732
Let's all point
id: 39733
The bouquet is away!
id: 39734
It's probably for the best that we didn't figure out the bar would serve us shots until well into the evening
id: 39735
There. Now I can say I was there
id: 39736
id: 39737
Even Phil was dancing!
id: 39738
Hell, even the videographer was dancing!
id: 39739
Go Megan Go
id: 39740
Michael is having a great time
id: 39741
And for the first time in I don't even know how long.. my battery ran out! The sign of a great party. Last photo!
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