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05/18/14 - BBQ and karaoke for Suz's birthday!

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id: 39792
While waiting for the bus I took a few photos of my neighborhood
id: 39793
Greenpoint Ave on a typical Saturday
id: 39794
Hardware store
id: 39795
Neat clouds
id: 39796
One of the omnipresent neon-vest adorned delivery guys on his silent electric scooter
id: 39797
And here's my bus!
id: 39798
Fixee? Yup, I'm in Williamsburg
id: 39799
What happened to the giant Cheez-It?
id: 39800
Charlie is SO EXCITED!
id: 39801
So is Goran
id: 39802
Video games!
id: 39803
Donkey Kong is tricky
id: 39804
What is Charlie going to play?
id: 39805
Goran's characteristic brightly colored Converse shoes
id: 39806
"Hey, I think he's taking a picture of my shoes"
id: 39807
The birthday girl herself!
id: 39808
id: 39809
Suz is ready for a fun night
id: 39810
So is CJ
id: 39811
Let's head to the BBQ place!
id: 39812
Eric waiting for the street light
id: 39813
Suz's reaction to seeing my camera is to make a goofy face EVERY TIME
id: 39814
Charlie is a hungry man
id: 39815
The whole gang walking down the sidewalk
id: 39816
Charlie is walking backwards! So talented
id: 39817
"Are you ready for someBBQ??"
id: 39818
I think everyone is
id: 39819
id: 39820
CJ got some kind of fruity drink
id: 39821
Eric looks over his glasses. Maybe he needs bifocals!
id: 39822
Who knows what Goran is talking about, he's so far away!
id: 39823
Dig in!
id: 39824
I was told to take this picture for a future Photoshop beard swap
id: 39825
Where next, Suz?
id: 39826
Charlie does the subway dance
id: 39827
Dancing is over
id: 39828
The subway on a Saturday night
id: 39829
Suz needs to relax
id: 39830
Charlie contacts his home world
id: 39831
Josh seems concerned
id: 39832
I think Suz is explaining the plan
id: 39833
Everyone on the train!
id: 39834
Wait, that was the wrong train. Everyone back off again.
id: 39835
"Is THIS the right train??"
id: 39836
Trains are fun
id: 39837
"Are you documenting the subway ride?"
id: 39838
I'm not sure what this Suz-face is about
id: 39839
Josh demonstrates his lackluster poledancing technique
id: 39840
Charlie was unimpressed
id: 39841
Eric's wasn't much better
id: 39842
Charlie got really into it
id: 39843
Maybe too into it..
id: 39844
Back to the surface!
id: 39845
Andrew, coffee man extraordinaire
id: 39846
"Are you ready for some karaoke?"
id: 39847
I was taking Josh's picture and he suddenly snapped into this pose
id: 39848
Andy! Where did you come from??
id: 39849
Over there??
id: 39850
Suz looks through the world's oldest karaoke song list
id: 39851
id: 39852
Karaoke is fun
id: 39853
"Get out of the damn way, Josh!"
id: 39854
Goran and Steven
id: 39855
Suz is a pop star
id: 39856
Charlie is a beer bottle
id: 39857
Josh is concerned about his personal space
id: 39858
Well that was fun
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