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06/07/14 - Suz and I head to Florida for a week of hanging with James, NASA, and Disney!

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id: 39921
Suz loves LaGuardia
id: 39922
On the plane!
id: 39923
See? Airplane
id: 39924
Apparently we were sitting right next to the cargo door
id: 39925
I kept tapping on Suz's keyboard as she was typing, resulting in strange typos. LANDGRAVE!
id: 39926
New Jersey and a little slice of Manhattan
id: 39927
A soccer stadium? In America?
id: 39928
Ooo, a nuclear cooling tower
id: 39929
id: 39930
Flying right over the highway
id: 39931
We're here! Also, this is the 40,000th photo on my website! Whooo
id: 39932
id: 39933
It didn't take long for us to find an astronaut
id: 39934
Where.. is the rental car place
id: 39935
Suz's first rental car!
id: 39936
Let's go get it!
id: 39937
Oh my god it's red
id: 39938
We found James!
id: 39939
James had something like 35 pounds of cheese in his fridge.. No, he's not insane, he's storing it for a friend who owns a mac and cheese food truck
id: 39940
Not sure what Suz is saying to James here..
id: 39941
But James seems to find it amusing
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